The service and product

All stories are unique, so call me to talk about the story you want to tell: 07982 807 231

How I help you to write your life story:

  • free consultation to discuss your project
  • direct contact with your ghost-writer throughout the project
  • face-to-face interviews held at your home. If preferred, interviews can be carried out over the phone.
  • recorded and transcribed interviews
  • professional writing, editing and proofreading services
  • typescript/s of your story for you to approve
  • advice on selecting photographs that enhance your story. Digital scanning and basic retouching to improve your images. Your photographs are carefully placed to relate to the story – not separated as a block in the centre of your book.
  • a choice of format for your professionally designed books: A5 paperback, A5 hardback or e-book
  • printing in the UK by a leading specialist book printer
  • ten copies of your book as standard. Extra copies can be ordered.
  • tracked delivery to your home address by Royal Mail.

Authors choose the length of their book to match their budget. Some authors focus on a period in their lives, for example, military service. Others create autobiographies which record much more of their lives and take the reader right up to the present time.  

Some couples want a record of their lives together, and the specially designed Duo Book is ideal for this as it incorporates two stories into one. I also help to write stories about loved-ones who have died, which become treasured legacies for families and friends.

Everybody has a story to tell, but the key is making it compelling for the reader. So if an author is struggling to recall some key facts, I am happy to carry out extra research. Even if a special photograph is very badly damaged, the designer can usually digitally repair them so they look great in your book. These extras would be discussed in advance, and a reasonable fee agreed.

“Increasing numbers of people want to leave their life story as a legacy for future generations of their family”  Lancashire Evening Post featured Unfolded Tale on 7 November 2017